Why I Started Fizika

I became an entrepreneur when my daughter was diagnosed with learning difficulties in 1999. I resigned my leadership position in Pennsylvania’s workforce and economic development system to help her learn, and to advocate for the services she needed. Raising my daughter showed me that our brains are plastic and elastic – the more physically active we are, the better prepared our brains are for learning. I gathered a team of experts and launched Fizika Group in 2010 – to bridge the gap between rapidly growing fields of research – educational neuroscience, cognitive psychology, health and physical literacy, and the practice of education. The Active Learning Specialist Course is unique in its focus and global in its appeal. Our onsite workshops train and excite educators – who become re-energized as educators who can teach ALL students through active learning.

We encourage you to join us…

If you are inspired to lead the change, consider becoming certified as an Active Learning Specialist. If you are a parent who wants the best for your child, become involved in their schooling. Parent engagement is a driving force for student success. If you are a curriculum supervisor, consider inviting Fizika to deliver a motivational and informative workshop that can inspire classroom teachers to learn new methods for engaging students through physical movement and creative play.

Our goal is to provide educators and parents with proven techniques to engage learners through physical movement – and energize them for a lifetime of learning through healthy habits.

What’s taught in school can be long lasting – early intervention is the key to achieving healthy outcomes. Join Fizika in helping to create a safe and nurturing environment – in schools and in our homes – where children learn to respect their bodies, and respect others and have the knowledge, skills and motivation to live healthy productive lives.

Martha Harris
Fizika Founder

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