Why FizikaActive?

Why FizikaActive classroom
Why FizikaActive in the classroom.

Fizika Group was founded in 2009 to address a dual challenge – growing rates of childhood obesity in America, and lagging academic performance.  New discoveries in brain science revealed that the more physically active and fit students are, the better they perform in school.

Yet, schools across the United States were cutting health and physical education classes in response to standardized testing requirements believing that more desk time would produce better results.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fizika’s response to the dual challenge was to design and launch the first ever graduate level Active Learning Specialist Course in 2013.  Developed in partnership with Harrisburg University, the course has helped dozens of educators incorporate physical activity and creative play into their teaching and learning methods.

Sarah Adams recently completed the Active Learning Specialist Course.  A second grade teacher at the J. Andrew Morrow Primary School in Towanda (PA) School district, Mrs. Adams’ class shows how vital learning can be when incorporated with movement and student choice.

(video link)  (this shows Sarah using a brain break from the Energizing Brain Breaks book that we sell)

“Through the Active Learning Specialist Course, I learned how incredibly powerful movement is for my little learners.  Movement is not only good for their bodies, but also their brains….and it is FUN! My second graders are truly enjoying the added exercise throughout the day and my Active Learning Team and I have lots of ideas for the future.”  – Mrs. Sarah Adams, Active Learning Specialist, Towanda Area School District.  

Are you an educator looking to advance in your career?  Want to learn how to create exceptional learning experiences for your students?  Consider enrolling in Fizika’s Active Learning Specialist Course. https://professionaled.harrisburgu.edu/active-learning-specialist-certificate/

This summer, Fizika founder Martha Harris will be bringing the Active Learning Specialist Course to Rockland County, NY.  July 9 – 11, 2019 at the Rockland BOCE. Rockland County educators will have the opportunity to develop active learning lesson plans and an active learning plan for their school.  For more information click here.

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