Dickinson College employees working remotely find Fizikaflex valuable

Problem:  Jeanette Diamond, Wellness Manager, Dickinson College approached Fizika with a problem.  “How can I help our employees pursue their wellness goals while working remotely as the College is closed for onsite instruction during the pandemic?

Solution:  Fizika worked with Jeanette to construct an application of Fizikaflex that would enable Dickinson’s employees to form teams and pursue wellness goals while working remotely.

Results: Click the thumbnails to preview presentation slides or download the full presentation below.

Want to learn more about Fizikaflex use by Dickinson College?  Download our case study.

Pleased to announce that Dickinson College will use Fizikaflex again for its Spring into Fitness Challenge.  For more information contact Jeanette:  diamondj@dickinson.edu