Statement of Solidarity: Where We Stand

Fizika is proud to stand in solidarity with other socially responsible businesses in Lancaster who agree to work together to stem systemic racism.

Statement of Solidarity

Our nation has witnessed the tragic killing of black citizens, most recently George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, whose murders have unleashed global pain. All of us at Fizika Group are deeply saddened by these examples of police brutality and an unequal justice system.

Fizika Group stands in solidarity with those peacefully protesting against systemic racism and oppression across the country. We seek an end to discrimination based on race, age, ability, gender, sexual preference, and ethnicity.  As a company and as individuals, we support racial equality and seek to dismantle the systemic racism that exists throughout our country’s institutions. 

Fizika is a mission-driven technology company focused on improving the social determinants of health for vulnerable populations. As an organization, we are committed to speaking the truth and respecting all people, especially those who are disadvantaged. As a social enterprise, we are committed to providing high quality, affordable services and resources to schools, students and families, and to seniors and caregivers. Through technology, we aim to increase access to wellness services and trauma-informed practices to empower seniors, students, teachers, and families to navigate their wellness journeys.

Fizika Group began ten years ago with an aim to bridge the gap between injustice and justice by addressing inequity in our public health and educational systems. As our world grapples with the two systemic pandemics of COVID-19 and racism, we pledge to continue to work with everyone—especially communities of color who are disproportionately affected by both pandemics.

Our pledge:

  1. Advocate for the elimination of discriminatory hiring and compensation policies.
  2. Develop high quality, affordable solutions that can level the playing field for vulnerable populations and improve access to care and educational opportunities.
  3. Work collectively with the Lancaster business community to be a force for GOOD.
  4. Provide professional learning opportunities for young people who want to make a difference in public health and education.
  5. Create and maintain a positive work culture where individual goals and ambitions are accomplished in a high-performance team-based environment.
  6. Actively educating ourselves about the impact of systemic racism by reading books and articles, taking courses and sharing our insights with the Fizika Group community.
  7. Be the change we want to see. Get involved in efforts in our communities to put an end to racism, oppression, poverty and injustice for people of color, minorities, and other disadvantaged communities.


Martha Lester Harris

Dana Marecheau

Jacqueline Chan

Jacob Dubner

Kathryn Harris

Leah Moore

Michael Murphy

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