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Fizikaflex helps seniors adopt healthy, physically active lifestyles that enable independent living and reduce the risks of cognitive decline. Our easy-to-use digital health platform provides self monitoring tools, a motivational community, and educational content to empower seniors to take control of their health.

Research in brain science shows a positive correlation between exercise, nutrition, water consumption, sleep, and socialization in preserving and enhancing brain health. Developed from this research, Fizikaflex motivates seniors to make healthy choices on a daily basis that can improve cardiovascular and brain health.

Fizikaflex Online Platform Features

  • Daily/weekly health and fitness tracker and self monitoring tools
  • Synchronize step counts with biometric devices
  • Attractive interface motivates users to log in daily
  • Group administrator can quickly monitor adherence and recognize success
  • Caregiver access improves communication and accountability
  • Companion easy to follow exercise guide to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health
  • Evidence-based practices help users improve physical, mental and emotional health

Nutritional content in the Daily Health Journal follows the MIND Diet:  Mediterranean Neurodegenerative Delay Diet.

Fizikaflex offers senior living managers and life plan communities a variety of benefits to streamline and target wellness programming:

  1.  A customizable dashboard informs you of how many residents are participating in daily activities that can keep them vital
  2. Caregivers can easily check adherence to see when they might need to provide additional care or guidance
  3. Administrators can form teams of users – to enable healthy competition among peers 
  4. Users can see how they are doing vis a vis others in their community – a proven technique to motivate healthier lifestyles.

Team-based competition and social engagement make staying healthy fun and rewarding.  Fizikaflex is designed to work with biometric devices such as FitBit, and can be used effectively without.

Administrator View – Walkthrough Video

Fizikaflex Exercise Guide

Interested in staying healthy and strong? Purchase our unique, easy to use portable custom exercise guide to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health.  It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!