What is Fizikaflex?

Fizikaflex is a secure, web-based platform that records and displays Daily Health Journal information entered by participants on the amount and type of exercise they performed, a selection of healthy food choices based on the MIND Diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, which was designed to prevent dementia and loss of brain function often associated with aging), water consumption, hours of sleep and social interaction each day.   Users enter data through any Internet-connected device – using a touch screen or keypad. The user interface is attractive and intuitive, making it easy to record daily health inputs and track progress toward goals.

Community administrators  enroll users and monitor their use through an easy to read dashboard that documents the adherence of participants to meeting daily and weekly goals for personal health.

Community administrators can also populate teams of users and create healthy competitions to make improving daily health habits fun and rewarding.

Caregivers are granted permission by users to view the daily and weekly results entered in Fizikaflex by the people for whom they are providing care, or monitoring adherence to a healthy daily regimen.  

 Evidence behind the design and function of Fizikaflex

Research in brain science shows a positive correlation between exercise, nutrition, water consumption, sleep, and socialization in preserving and enhancing brain health. Developed from this research, Fizikaflex motivates seniors to make healthy choices on a daily basis that can improve cardiovascular and brain health.

Fizikaflex was developed using a rigorous process of human-centered design.  Over the past two years, Fizikaflex programmers and designers met with potential users, clinicians, and senior living community administrators  feedback on the design, functionality and need for a web application like Fizikaflex.  Their feedback was documented and incorporated into the design and testing of a beta version in Summer, 2018 and in the current version, available in Q4 2019.  

Fizikaflex Online Platform Features

  • Daily/weekly health and fitness tracker and self monitoring tools
  • Synchronize step counts with biometric devices such as FitBit and Garmin
  • Attractive interface motivates users to log in daily
  • Group administrator can quickly monitor adherence and recognize success
  • Caregiver access improves communication and accountability
  • Companion easy to follow exercise guide to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health
  • Evidence-based practices help users improve physical, mental and emotional health

Fizikaflex Weekly Digest 

A yearly subscription to Fizikaflex includes a weekly digest, delivered via email with news about aging trends, brain health research, suggested exercises and healthy recipes.    Individual users and teams of users’ performance may be shared with permission, in order to motivate others to improve their daily health habits.

Fizikaflex Benefits for Community Administrators/Caregivers

Fizikaflex offers a convenient dashboard for Community Administrators to see quickly how many people are participating in Fizikaflex, and how well they are adhering to the group’s goals.   Designed to support adherence to an optimal daily health regimen, Fizikaflex provides additional accountability for administrators.  New users can be added and assigned to teams. Competitions can be created and teams invited to participate. Weekly summaries of how each team is performing are displayed on the dashboard.
Fizikaflex participants can select caregivers who will receive “read only” access to the Daily Health Journal.   Caregivers can monitor the daily entries of their patients and motivate adherence to their proscribed health regimen or personal health goals.