Fizikaflex Helps Seniors Stay Healthy and Active

(Lancaster, PA).  Fizika Group, LLC, a social enterprise based in Lancaster, today announced the release of Fizikaflex™ a new digital health platform designed to help seniors stay healthy and active as they age.

Fizikaflex is an attractive, secure web-based application that enables seniors to record their daily health inputs, such as exercise and nutrition, document progress in reaching personal health goals, and compare their results with peers.  User preferences enable synchronization with FitBit™ for daily step count, and dietary preferences based on eating restrictions.

“The need for Fizikaflex is evident in the rapid growth of dementia and other forms of brain diseases worldwide. While there is no known cure, scientists know that lifestyle choices can influence the risk factors that contribute to brain disease,” said Martha Harris, Founder and CEO of Fizika Group.  “Our goal in creating Fizikaflex is to provide a simple, easy to use tool that can motivate and inform seniors and the communities in which they live, to make healthy habits habit forming.”

Fizikaflex is designed for use by senior living communities and affordable housing complexes that want to improve the health and wellbeing of residents.   No software installation is required. 

An early adopter is Landis Communities, which is committed to creating affordable housing for seniors that enable healthy living.

“At Landis, we are excited to do a collaborative technology pilot with Fizikaflex which promotes community and wellness in our affordable housing work. We see this technology as a way for persons to be encouraged to make good choices and stay active.  We are excited to be part of this effort.”  Evon L. Bergey, Vice President of Community Initiatives; Landis Communities.

Landis Communities is a collaborative partner of the Lancaster Downtowners, a non-profit organization that helps adults thrive in the City of Lancaster.  An early prototype of Fizikaflex was tested by members of Lancaster Downtowners, who found the application helpful in recovering from injury and regaining strength.

“As a village model organization, Lancaster Downtowners promotes engaged and healthy lifestyles through a strong connection to community. Using Fizikaflex to track individual progress in maintaining healthy habits, while participating together as a group, is a concept that makes sense to members.”  Melissa Ressler, Executive Director, Lancaster Downtowners.

Fizika has licensed Fizikaflex to Thomas Jefferson University which is conducting a study on how the application can improve health behaviors of people at risk of dementia.  Dr. Lester Sztandera, Professor of Computational Intelligence, serves as Principal Investigator.

  “Human centered design processes used by Fizika Group will be explored to evaluate empowerment of older adults in taking charge of their health.  Data, empathy, creativity, communication, engagement and equity-driven approaches will be investigated to make aging human-centered, practical and transformational.” 

Fizika will demonstrate Fizikaflex during the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo Wednesday October 30, 2019 in the Lancaster County Convention Center.  The Expo is open from 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Online demonstrations of the digital health platform can be seen at


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