Learning Through Movement and Mindfulness

Fizika is a founding partner in the Collaborative4 Resilience, a joint venture between four women entrepreneurs who share a passion for education that can help people overcome trauma and become resilient through comprehensive professional development for educators and administrators, parents and students.  ​A tiered approach, that’s rooted in a culture of collaboration and safety, is the best way to make sure that all staff, students, and families are included in a trauma-informed approach.

Fizika Group has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide continuing education for Pennsylvania educators who need to earn Act 48 credit hours to maintain their professional licenses.  Our AUN number is 300369785.

A Listing of our courses follows.  For more information visit www.collaborative4resilience.com

Even if an adverse event doesn’t result in the clinical symptoms of trauma, it can still have a profoundly negative impact on all spheres of a child’s development: physically, cognitively, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally. A trauma-informed environment accounts for the potential of harm and embeds supportive elements for prevention and early intervention.”  Dr. Lark Eshleman, Ph.D.

Forged in Fire

Comprehensive Best Practice Courses – All Staff in Schools

For ALL in School/Support Settings (1.5 – 3 hours each)

Introduction to Complex Trauma: What is complex trauma? How does it happen? How does it affect children and youth? What can we do to help? *
Mindfulness, Part 1: The concepts and practices of mindfulness have proven to support those in education and beyond. Learn for yourself.

Complex Trauma, Part 1: Understand how our relationships with children affect their neurobiology. Learn ways to build connections that work with their nervous systems to promote well-being. *

For ALL Teachers and Para-Professionals (3 hours each

Trauma in the Classroom: We all know that trauma is in the room. How can we use a trauma-informed lens to see it and then skillfully address it?

For ALL Para-Professionals and Staff (2 – 3 hours each)

Trauma and Sensory Processing: Learn how the impact of trauma affects a young person’s ability to take in and process sensations. Explore proven ways to support healthy sensory processing.

For ANY by Choice (1.5 – 3 hours each)

Complex Trauma, Part 2: Learn why it is so hard for children with trauma histories to learn and manage their emotions & behaviors. Develop a toolbox of strategies to support these developmental skills. *

Mindfulness, Part 2: Explore how mindfulness can look and feel in classrooms and other supportive settings. Test-drive practices and tools that can fit diverse needs and teaching/learning styles.

For Sustainable Support (1 – 1.5 hours each, *recommended to follow Trauma Courses above

Interactive Workshop Circles: These customized trainings and collaborative circles provide advanced skill-building and support for providers who serve children and youth.

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Fizika is proud to partner with the Active Schools Movement to ensure that students receive 60 minutes of physical activity each day. By joining forces with the thousands of schools across the US, Fizika serves as an important professional development resource for active learning.

What is Kinesthetic Learning?

  • Applies the science, methodologies, and leadership tools needed to help young minds learn effectively through physical activity
  • Ideal for teachers and administrators, but can be applied in a corporate setting as well
  • Flexible instructional design lets you modify lessons on a student-by-student basis
  • Fizika is an approved Act 48 provider for teachers in Pennsylvania seeking continuing education professional development credit