Homework Help with Active Learning

Try a quick boost of exercise before your child sits down to do their homework. Research shows that physical activity helps not only improve memory and focus – but also puts you in a better mood!

  • Have your child skip rope, run up and down the steps, shoot some baskets in the driveway or try going for a brisk walk or jog with your child around the neighborhood.
  • Find an activity that you and your children both enjoy. Turn on their favorite tunes and dance for 30 minutes, try your hand at yoga, or sit ups (each of you holding each other’s feet) You will have fun, work up a sweat and the bonding experience will be worth it!)
  • After the exercise, treat your children to a healthy nutritious snack -good brain food like cheese slices, fruit, nuts or yogurt) and have your child start working on those math problems!

Fizika also offers an “Energizing Brain Breaks” book, a compilation of 50 different fun and quick activities and exercises you, your child and your family can do to get re-energized while doing school or home work. We recommend that your child get up from their seats every 20 minutes and do a “brain break” – then when he returns to his desks, he’ll be more energized and able to focus on his work. Believe it or not, doing a “Brain Break” first makes doing homework FUN! Try it and hear what your kids say about it.

An energizing brain break is especially useful when your child is experiencing frustration with his homework. When you see your child’s brain shutting down to a new concept, or ready to give up all together, try getting him up and out of his desk. Some quick exercise or a fun brain break is just what he needs to release his frustration and anger and improve his mood and focus. Afterwards, he’ll be both emotionally and cognitively ready to tackle new concepts and challenging assignments.