Help for Families of Kids with ADD, ADHD

If you have a child with ADD, ADHD, you know all too well how difficult and frustrating a traditional classroom environment can be for your child. Your child is being told to sit still and focus, when his body needs to move in order for his mind to stay focused! Introducing Active Learning into your child’s classroom setting would be an excellent way to ensure your child gets the exercise he needs to stay focused and learning in a positive, non-stigmatizing environment.

A plan involving active learning, breaks of physical activity throughout the school day, can be a very positive solution for you, your child and his teacher. As parents, you can suggest innovative and inexpensive changes to the classroom that can help all students learn:

  • Add a small trampoline to the back of the classroom (or it could be placed in the hallway). When your child is feeling too restless, he could jump for a few minutes on the trampoline and then return to his desk.
  • Make arrangements with your classroom teacher and your PE teacher to have your child do some exercises in the hallway, outside or in the gym when he gets too restless.

With Fizika’s Active Learning, there are many effective strategies to help your child become the successful student you know he can be. If your teacher needs help finding ideas or grant sources to fund Active Learning products and training, please reference our helpful funding guide.

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