Fun Fitness Ideas for an Active Family

Did you know that the single biggest predictor for school success is the fitness level of the student? Not race, ethnicity or income-level – but fitness. Fit youth outperform their overweight and obese counterparts in test after test. Help start your child off right at school and in life by modeling a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s never too late to start getting healthy!

At Fizika, we know family time is precious and often scarce. Here are some fun ways to get and stay fit as a family.

Take a Night Off from TV

  • Pick a night for the whole family to take a night off from watching tv. Have everyone vote on what night it should be (every one has their favorite shows, you can always record them and watch them the next day).
  • Do different activities on your night off: kickball in the backyard and family game night, card night or charades when the sun goes down. Anything you want, just take a break from the tv and your comfy sofa!

Fun Family Bike Ride Scavenger Hunt

  • Each member of the family is assigned 10 things to find on their path (fire hydrant, squirrel, robin, stroller, man with a coffee, little dog/big dog, red mailbox, street lamp, etc.).
  • The first family member to find the assigned items wins. If not everyone has a bike, or your neighborhood doesn’t have safe biking paths, you can do this scavenger hunt on foot!

Park Explore

  • Visit a different park each weekend or each month. Explore what your local region has to offer with lakes, rivers, walking/biking trails, cool playgrounds. Pack a healthy picnic with you. You’d be surprised how much fun kids can have exploring nature.

Go for a Family Walk or Jog

  • While your one child is at their practice, instead of sitting and watching, take this time to go for a walk or run around the field with your other children. Or try staying after your child’s soccer practice or game and kicking the ball around as a family.

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