Exercise is Medicine – a Worthwhile Prescription

Biker Fast 1

Concerned about getting older? Memory not working as well as it once did? When was the last time you rode your bike? Is physical activity part of your daily regimine? This is a prescription for how to age gracefully – and retain your mental capacity. No, this script isn’t available in a pharmacy.  Yet research scientists have confirmed that vigorous physical activity stimulates the brain – building new proteins that prevent the hippocampus from shrinking and improving executive function and decision making.

60 minutes a day is what the Institute of Medicine recommends for school age children. Many workplaces are now considering stand up desks, treadmill desks, and stability balls as a way to help employees stay fit – and be more productive on the job. Cities like Lancaster, PA are prepared to make significant changes in the city’s roadways to make it safer and more convenient for people to walk and bike to work. These are important steps forward. It begins with each of us. Join Fizika in advocating more daily physical activity for preschoolers, students, faculty, administrators, parents and families. We need a movement – movement that recognizes that running, jumping, skipping, walking, hiking and biking are not just for fun – but important exercises to keep our brains and our bodies in shape.

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