Connecting Cognitive Science and Physical, Mental and Emotional Health for Greater Wellbeing

Fizika uses a unique blended focus on cognitive science and physical fitness to develop solutions that educate, motivate, monitor, and facilitate behavioral change during the most critical periods of a lifespan to help children and seniors alike become physically active and healthy for life.

Our Story

When Fizika founder and CEO Martha Harris learned her daughter was diagnosed with learning difficulties, she resigned her leadership position with Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development to help her daughter learn and to advocate for the services that she needed. That was the beginning of a long journey to discover how our brains learn, and the importance of using our bodies and all of our senses to fully engage in the learning process.

In 2010, Martha gathered a team of experts and formed Fizika to address the gap between the growing body of research on how our brains learn and how children in schools are taught. After years of partnering with schools and education communities to enhance learning through physical activity, Fizika expanded its mission to apply the same research-based principles of the mind body connection to helping seniors preserve brain health as they advance in age.